CCoE Total Protect Packages

We offer special packages at discounted prices that are tailored to your needs.

About our Total Protect Packages

Tailored to your needs...

The Cyber Centre of Excellence is here to ensure that everyone, every business and every public body in the UK has the best possible protection. Our aim is to deliver the best possible protection at high street prices and ensure that it is properly implemented.

The first Protect Packages are tailored to individuals (Councillor Protect, Sole Trader Protect or Student Protect), small organisations (those without central infrastructure, Parish Protect or Small Business Protect). We will shortly be releasing packages for medium sized organisations (those with some central infrastructure but no internal capacity to understand or manage the cyber security risk – Parish Protect Plus and Medium Business Protect).

Larger organisations are also supported by the Cyber Centre of Excellence, but we recommend an initial diagnostic of your organisation first. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] to arrange a discussion.

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